Community Life Plans

Community Life Plans (CLPs) are owned by the relevant community but governed by Strathard Community Council.  The CLPs are a comprehensive collection of the views of the community in regard to the place that they live, work and play in and of the places and experiences most important to them.  The overarching aim of the CLPs is to give residents in the community a plan for sustainment, improvement and resilience for their areas which they all agree on thereby giving them the ability to influence future development plans for the place they live in.  The aim is to provide communities with the opportunity to have a voice and the ability to  articulate what is of most importance in defining their sense of place.  The CLPs cover resident aspirations on all forms of development eg residential, commercial, tourist related, infrastructure, media related as well as detailing the places and experiences essential to their lives in the community.  The CLPs also identify negative factors which would impact upon their quality of life. 

The CLPs for Strathard have enabled representatives from Kinlochard, Stronachlachar and Inversnaid to work closely with the LLTNP in the development of the Strathard Land Use and Rural Development Framework (LURDF) plan which will be the forerunner to, and influential in, the development of a new 10 year Strathard Local Development plan.  Plan are currently in train to develop a CLP for Aberfoyle.  Please see links below to the Kinlochard CLP, Stronachlachar/Inversnaid CLP, the executive summary covering both plans and current information the LURDF.

Kinlochard Community Life Plan

Stronachlachar and Inversnaid Community Life Plan

Executive Summary for Community Life Plan

Strathard Framework