Community Life Plans

Community Life Plans (CLPs) are owned by the relevant community but governed by Strathard Community Council.  The CLPs are a comprehensive collection of the views of the community in regard to the place that they live, work and play in and of the places and experiences most important to them.  The overarching aim of the CLPs is to give residents in the community a plan for sustainment, improvement and resilience for their areas which they all agree on thereby giving them the ability to influence future development plans for the place they live in.  The aim is to provide communities with the opportunity to have a voice and the ability to  articulate what is of most importance in defining their sense of place.  The CLPs cover resident aspirations on all forms of development eg residential, commercial, tourist related, infrastructure, media related as well as detailing the places and experiences essential to their lives in the community.  The CLPs also identify negative factors which would impact upon their quality of life. 

The CLPs for Strathard have enabled representatives from Kinlochard, Stronachlachar and Inversnaid to work closely with the LLTNP in the development of the Strathard Land Use and Rural Development Framework (LURDF) plan which will be the forerunner to, and influential in, the development of a new 10 year Strathard Local Development plan.  Plan are currently in train to develop a CLP for Aberfoyle.  Please see links below to the Kinlochard CLP, Stronachlachar/Inversnaid CLP, the executive summary covering both plans and current information the LURDF.

Community Life Plans

How are they progressing ?

The value of the Community Life Plans (CLPs) is becoming increasingly evident with time.

Value to the Communities of Strathard and to the SCC

The CLP’s have been instrumental in influencing the portrayal of key community aspirations and assets in the Strathard Framework Document which in turn will influence the next Local Development Plan.  The CLP’s have afforded SCC reps on the Strathard Framework Steering Group evidence to represent the views of the Strathard communities throughout the development process of the document and also to with some effect challenge some assumptions being made by external agencies in relation to the area which would not be supported by the communities.

Specific Wins

The contents in the Kinlochard Community Life Plan identified that a proposal to site Landpods in an area within the village of Kinlochard was in direct contravention of the expressed wishes of the community.  As the proposal did not have to go through formal planning the SCC would not have had opportunity gauge community opinion via the LLTNP planning portal to comment on the proposal therefore without the KCLP the SCC would also not have the information to hand which demonstrated that the proposal was unlikely to have majority support.  The time taken to gather this information would have meant that the SCC would not have been able to respond to the community consultation within the timescales allowed.

The aim of enabling communities and the SCC to react cohesively and quickly to issues as they are presented is just one of the practical benefits being realised by having the documents in place. To ensure that the objection to introducing development into the Exclusion Zone 2 in the KCLP was still valid the SCC used the GDPR email list for KCLP subscribers to carry out a quick poll.  Before the KCLP was in place this would not have been an option open to the SCC. The same tool was used to confirm community attitude to the closure of the Duchray Road gate in times of emergency effectively cutting off the communities of Kinlochard, Inversnaid and Stronachalachar for 3 days from the outside world.

The original planning application for the Stronachlachar site was hugely altered due in part to the contents of the Stronachalachar CLP and subsequent SCC engagement which was guided by the community views contained in the Inversnaid/Stronachlachar CLP.

The SCC was represented along with a rep from the Kinlochard Village Hall in relation to recent visitor management issues in Kinlochard and again using the KCLP email list the SCC were able to reach the majority of Kinlochard residents to test opinion which in the main is borne out in the final outputs of the study.

Less Evident Benefits from the CLP’s

The CLP’s are not only intended to be of value to the communities within Strathard and the SCC but also to potential developers of the area. The CLP’s offer an early insight into the likely reaction of the community to proposals before they are presented and through time as the CLP’s become more embedded in the planning and development processes will hopefully inform and influence potential developers’ plans for our area.

Keeping the CLP’s Current

However it must be remembered that to continue to be of value the CLP’s must be living documents.  The ability to keep them current during the many months of COVID restrictions must be recognised and mitigated wherever possible.  Once again the GDPR email list can be used to address any issues to confirm the current contents of the CLP’s is still current until such times as regular face to face workshops can be reconvened.

Kinlochard Community Life Plan

Stronachlachar and Inversnaid Community Life Plan

Executive Summary for Community Life Plan

Strathard Framework